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ARTech has pursued the securement of best
construction quality and construction risk zero for
railway traffic management system.

ARTech will always give priority to organic interface between the related systems for the implementation of construction quality.

ARTech will systematically manage the professional human resources to be put into supervision service for the execution of construction in the field of railway traffic management system and general electrical construction.

ARTech is the goal of the construction management for the prevention of loss of life and the customer's property to take advantage of the rich and validated supervision know-how, will ensure the efficiency of the cost reduction and maintenance after construction completion to take advantage of the TCM techniques, such as construction quality management and process management, is to be removed by excavation in advance the risk factors that may occur at the construction process, not only to meet the customer's need, but also to pursue the risk zero.

Business area

  • · Construction plan and technological review
  • · Safety management
  • · Construction process management
  • · FCR (Field Construction Review)
  • · Quality / environment management
  • · Quality records management